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And the survey says… telemarketing is annoying

This week is National Psychology Week, and the Australian Psychology Society kicked it off yesterday with the launch of a study “Dealing with Irritating Events and Situations”. As part of the study, 4467 participants ranked a list of 32 annoying events from most to least annoying. Top of the list as the thing that annoyed most people…. telemarketing.

The obvious limitation to the research is that respondents were given a pre-defined list of ‘annoying’ events to rank, so we can’t say telemarketing is the definitive thing people find most annoying (heck, viewer comments / feedback on Youtube videos should have ranked at least a top 10 birth if the list were definitive). Nonetheless, the writing is on the wall for those who still use cold calling centres to try and flog your wares… you’re annoying. There, I’ve said it. It’s about time you knew. And you can’t pretend to be surprised by these findings either.

Plenty of the other things included in the list are relevant to marketers too… given the general theme of this blog, the ‘Excessive Advertising’ and ‘Unsolicited Email’ points seem to be ones to look out for. Plus, the ‘Customer Service’ annoyances should pretty much become a “Thou shalt not…” 10-commandments-ish guide for Services Marketers.

What do you think of the findings… Any glaring omissions of annoying ‘stuff’? And for the marketers among you, does it worry you if your customers are annoyed by your tactics, or is it all about achieving results and making that money?


Diagram taken from ‘Dealing With Irritating Events and Situations’ by the Australian Psychology Association, 2008 – click diagram for full report.


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