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Average amount of time spent on Social Media by Australians : Facebook stats

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Bebo is going to close it’s Australian offices – no surprise there really, since Bebo’s Australian user base has been rapidly shrinking… it was only a matter of time until operations in Australia became unfeasible.

The really interesting part of the article, however, was the stats included from Nielsen that a whopping 29% – almost one third – of time spent online by Australians is on Facebook. I can hear the jingle of marketing dollars being moved around as I type, diverting funding from their PPC campaigns to developing more useless Facebook apps that will create videos of your Facebook friends as dancing Easter bunnies.

Also interesting was this tidbit – “Australia now leads the world for time spent each month on social media sites (7.12 hours), ahead of Britain, Italy, North America and Japan.”

But the real lesson here: Stats are awesome!!


Using Facebook Connect for demographic targeting: marketing case study

Checking through my feeds this afternoon, I came across this press release about and their use of Facebook Connect. HerHotSpot is a social networking site specifically for women – in the words of the site’s founder:

Whilst is an interesting enough concept in itself, there are 2 other equally interesting issues covered in the press release:

1 – Since implementing Facebook Connect, the site has seen signups increase by more than 300 percent and average page views have nearly doubled. I’ve always said that Facebook Connect was a good traffic magnifier, this is proof.

2 – More interesting though is the Facebook Connect-only policy (i.e. using Connect as the sole vehicle to prevent access to males). I see alot of people using Facebook Connect as a way to attract more unique visitors to their site and to encourage repeat visits from existing users, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it used to preclude people of a certain gender from visiting a site. Furthermore, this is also the first time I’ve ever seen a site use Connect as it’s only means of verification – not only does prohibit men from entering, but it prohibits non-Facebookers aswell.

At first glance, this is a curious strategy (erecting barriers and limiting how many people can use their service) but the payoff is that the site will get users of the service that are of a very specific demographic – women (obviously) who are at least internet savvy, are already on Facebook and probably aged in their teens to late twenties / early thirties (although the age demographic is debatable). This makes the site very attractive to advertisers – if my target audience was sociable, connected 16-29 year old women, I’d love to be able to sponsor articles / advertise / participate in the site. As such, HerHotSpot should have no problem making the site a profitable venture.

Mind you, there’s no provision stopping us fellas from simply setting up a facebook account that lists us as a female to gain access, but why would you…. it’s just be a bunch of chatter about boys and lipstick (that’s sarcasm right there, FYI).


Amazing Facebook Statistics

facebook_50More on facebook after yesterday’s post. I just read the article ‘Experts split over neting customers in cyberspace’ . While the article itself is an OK read, the stats on how high facebook’s overheads are getting made my toes curl! Cloud computing and running the world’s largest social networking site is not for the small players! Read on…

“Facebook is eating up cash. With a 100 million users, a trillion page views per year, with about two hours spent per month and per user, and 300,000 images are uploaded every second, creating by far the biggest photo library in the world with more than 10 billion images, the e-marketer estimates of the 2008 revenue of Facebook – roughly $265 million – is unlikely to be enough to cover the expenses.

According to Techcrunch, most of the $500m raised by Facebook is already gone. Facebook was said to have turned to Dubai for cash, knowing that the UAE boasts one of the largest social networking bases in the world.

Why such expenses? Facebook had 13,000 servers running a few months ago, and analysts say the company will need 50,000 machines next year. It currently pays a $1m monthly electricity bill, and around half million dollars per month for bandwidth. It has two terabytes of data – mostly photos – uploaded every day, therefore dictating the purchase of one NetApp 3070, a mammoth storage system, each week. In addition, Facebook’s headcount, estimated between 700 and 800, maintaining this infrastructure and dealing with the output of a half-million developers, costs about $80m a year.”

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