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Simpsons take on Apple & Steve Jobs

Ok, this is not strictly e-marketing related, it’s just a bit of fun. I don’t think that Matt Groenig and team at the Simpsons understand how much damage they can do to a company by parodying them in an epsiode… we all remember the epsiode where Homer starts up his own internet company and Bill Gates came with hired goons to “buy him out”. As a PC guy, that one cut me deeply ūüôā

Well, the team have now set their sights on Steve Jobs and Apple. It’s pretty well done… especially like the part where Comic Book Guy comes running with his hammer to smash the bigscreen Jobs is being telecast over… remind you of anything?

Get in and watch the video before it gets taken down…Props must go¬†to¬†for this (it’s where I came across it).

UPDATE: As of the 8/12/08, the video had been taken down… figured this would happen. If you’re interested in seeing the video, go to youtube and do a search for “simpsons mapple store”… there are a few links.


Microsoft‚Äôs new ad campaign: case study in starting online controversy Pt.2

DISCLAIMER: I’m still contracting at Microsoft, so take what I say with a grain of salt ūüôā I’m still also a fan of Windows.

So Seinfeld got dropped from the ads. No surprise really. With an ad campaign basically saying “Yeh, so we’re out of touch” which really did nothing except celebrating being out of touch, the writing was on the wall. Jerry was an interesting choice for a number of reasons, not the least because¬†he was featured in an Apple ad back in the day, but really, he had to go.

However, his departure does not necessarily make this campaign a failure. It is still generating so much conversation and controversy, which still appears to be a good thing – all eyes are firmly focused on Microsoft at the moment. Are they f–kin up, or are they doing something completely crazy and new? Whether dropping Jerry was a planned planned tactic or not, Microsoft is:

  1. Once again the centre of attention right now
  2. Showing that it is adaptive. Some people think the ads sucked. What better way to tell your customers you are listening than to change the campaign to suit?

I still reserve judgment about¬†whether this is a good campaign or not because as I have mentioned I don’t know where the campaign’s going. But every time any little details about the campaign come out, it’s hitting TechCrunch, Engadget and most of the other popular news sites, aswell as a good number of the Apple blogs and fansites (eg/ TUAW), so leveraging that momentum and attention is going to be critical.

Image from Engadget

Rumours reported on Engadget suggest there may be a more direct reaction by Microsoft to Apple’s aggressive “I’m a Mac” campaigns in the future releases. This is actually¬†what I have wanted to see from the start. There is alot of (borderline) misinformation in the Mac ads (less than technical people have told me Macs can’t get viruses and can’t crash, so from that perspective, the ads seem to be working somewhat).¬†

This is¬†a perfect battleground for Microsoft to take back some of what was theirs. They really need to address the damage the “I’m a Mac” ads did. I’m envisioning guys in fluoro Spandex roller blading through Central Park in NY doing crazy extreme stuff like going backwards (sic – I’m being sarcastic there in case that didn’t come across) and giving high fives to each other and generally being trendy dicks. All listening to white headphones (for the vision impaired and slightly slow, iPod has white headphones)¬†Fade out. Product shot of Zune.¬†¬†No B.S. – thats Microsoft. Thats what I’d be doing…

EDIT – 19/9/08: Third ad in the campaign, minus Jerry, has been seen at Gizmodo. It’s not bad, really it’s not. Without being too combatitive, it definitely moves towards dispelling the nerdy image Apple branded MS with. Tony Parker is in there. Tony Parker’s the man. And he’s a PC!

EDIT 2 – 19/09/08: Wow, talk about saturation bombing!! The following PC / Windows ads went live on US TV tonight (PST) 


Microsoft’s new ad campaign: a case study in how to start online controversy

I’m as close to a Windows fanboy as you can get without having¬†to do something demeaning to win a piece of¬†Windows-branded clothing at a trade show somewhere. There, thats my disclosure. Friends have been asking what I think of the new Gates / Seinfeld ads as much as what they used to ask me what I thought about the old Apple ads – being a PC guy, I thought the Apple ads¬†sucked :). To be honest, I don’t yet know what I think of the new MS ads, because I’ve only seen the first and second one – I don’t know where it’s going, and am not privvy to knowing what will unfold in the coming releases in the series. One thing is for sure, it looks like the guy shooting the footage¬†came straight from the bar.¬†Thats how you achieve edgy camera work for minimal budget – get a wino to do it.¬†

The extended, 4 minute long version of ad 2.

At any rate, people are talking about it. There are over 3100 Diggs for the blog post on the second ad on Engagdet. I think the key to this discussion is in it’s complete and bewildering obscurity (in¬†this regard it reminds me of Demitri Martin & the Clearification campaign for Vista). I’ve been following¬†various email trails amongst friends and¬†colleagues speculating what people think the ads are really about – the favoured theory is that each of the characters are a metaphor for various¬†people and products in¬†the Apple / PC firefight that Apple kicked off in earnest with their ads… the little girl may or may not be Mac apparently (thats pure speculation so don’t quote me).

Anyway, in wrapping this up, if this is not buzz, then what is? It’s a different story, of course, whether buzz translates to results.

EDIT – 18/09/08: So Jerry’s been dropped from the ads. Hardly surprising.

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