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Average amount of time spent on Social Media by Australians : Facebook stats

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Bebo is going to close it’s Australian offices – no surprise there really, since Bebo’s Australian user base has been rapidly shrinking… it was only a matter of time until operations in Australia became unfeasible.

The really interesting part of the article, however, was the stats included from Nielsen that a whopping 29% – almost one third – of time spent online by Australians is on Facebook. I can hear the jingle of marketing dollars being moved around as I type, diverting funding from their PPC campaigns to developing more useless Facebook apps that will create videos of your Facebook friends as dancing Easter bunnies.

Also interesting was this tidbit – “Australia now leads the world for time spent each month on social media sites (7.12 hours), ahead of Britain, Italy, North America and Japan.”

But the real lesson here: Stats are awesome!!


How to tell when a webpage was published / last updated

It’s no secret that I work in Influencer Marketing (of sorts). An important part of choosing which Influencer you want to keep engaging with is checking who has been active recently – sure, homeboy may still be getting hundreds of thousands of unique visits a day to his blog, but if the blog is no longer being updated, why would you engage with him? He’s not going to write any more blog posts, so why bother?

Anyway, Google will normally tell you which date an article was published. But sometimes it doesn’t, in which case I found a neat little trick that will help you find out when a page was last modified. This means you can know straight away if the site you’re looking at is recent…

All you have to do is type ” javascript:alert(document.lastModified) “ into your browser’s address bar and it will show you the date the page was published (this works in FF and IE – I did not test any other browsers). Neat.

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