It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you….

I haven’t been blogging. Real life has taken over. But in the absence of a decent in-depth blog post, here’s a few little things to snack on.

Moving house – yeh, so it isn’t even remotely marketing related, but I’m living in Southbank, Melbourne now. In a small-arsed room in a big-arse apartment building. With a pool. And a steam room. And alot of young people. It’s a level of indulgence I’m really not accustomed to, so looking forward to learning how the other half live. That’s right – I’m an inner-city yuppie now.

Google and Microsoft going head to head with Twitter coverage – I have to give it to the marketing team at Microsoft (and also the Windows 7 product team) – they did pretty well in terms of stirring hype up around the Windows 7 launch (aswell as delivering by far the world’s best operating system). In Australia, #win7au was the most popular Twitter hashtag for a couple of days running, and Windows was the #1 trending topic for a day or two worldwide. However, props have gotta go to Google too, who I think have probably got a more winning formula – with the slow leak of Google Wave invites going out to ‘influencers’ (read: pretty much anyone who asked for an invite) who then tweeted about getting their invite, they were able to keep Google Wave in the top 10 trending topics on Twitter for a good few weeks (though they never took the #1 spot like Win7 did). I think this is a more effective type of ‘buzz’ that Google achieved – something that lasts longer than a few days and creates an ongoing conversation is more akin to ‘buzz’.

Also of interest in this regard was the release of Apple’s multi-touch mouse a few days before the release of Windows 7, which barely rated a mention on Twitter in comparison to Wave and Win7, and was also met with a general ‘SFW’ from many online commentators.

Google attacking Microsoft in general – Google is launching an all-out assault on Microsoft with their ‘Gone Google’ campaign, which is focused on winning adoption of Google products within the enterprise. Whilst I have seen a number of people pointing out how inaccurate Google’s claims are in the campaign, the campaign has the feel of the early Apple vs PC ads, which we all know were very effective (and similarly stretched the truth a little). Whilst that sort of marketing is not my kettle of fish, Google are doing a good job of planting  the seed of doubt with customers and leaving just enough ‘fertilizer’ (cough) to grow that seed.

Gen Y Marketing podcast – I recommended the Gen-Y marketing podcast in a previous post, but to be honest iTunes has been giving me nothing but headaches, so I haven’t been downloading episodes for a while. Which means I have a plethora of content to catch up on, so I’m going hard at listening to these guys to catch up… so many laughs, this is one of the best marketing podcasts around. Check it out at http://genymarketing.blogspot.com/ . My only suggestion is that they should stop slagging off Microsoft… 😀

SocialMelb – social media coffees every Friday morning at Mr Tulk, State Library on Swanston St. It’s a great way to meet like-minded fellows, and everyone’s friendly enough. There’s also surprisingly little “I’m a social media maven’ dickery. Organised (I think) by Kate Kendall, you can keep up to date with the social media coffees by following the #socialmelb hashtag or @socialmelb on Twitter. I’m going to try to attend more of these, so I’ll see you there. They also do a dinner once in a while.

Kimbo Price mixtape releasedthere’s some really cool stuff happening in music marketing, as labels start to realise they can’t bludgeon people into submission when trying to make you buy music. The Get Busy Committee’s album ‘Uzi Does It’ was a highlight, shipping the album on an uzi-shaped USB thumb drive was genius. But my fav music industry marketing from the last few months was the video of Sean P, which is decidedly un-professional, which prehaps is the major part of it’s appeal (plus P’s one of the best in the game). The vid features Sean going grocery shopping before his Kimbo Price mixtape dropped. Because Rappers Eat… video can be found at http://www.vimeo.com/7288332

And of course, there was Melbourne’s own ‘Bangs’, with his Internet phenomenon ‘Take U 2 Da Movies’, which despite it’s amateurish execution has been in my head all weekend. It’s also clocked up a couple of hundred thousand views since I found it last Wednesday, so Bangs is killing it.


3 Responses to “It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you….”

  1. November 13, 2009 at 7:50 am

    I think you can safely skip podcasts 3 – 59 without having missed out on too much. Wait, come to think of it podcast 60 is pretty sub-par as well, but I promise we will put in lots of effort next week and put together a show worth listening to 🙂

    As far as slagging off Microsoft goes, as soon as those Xbox 360’s start flowing through the door I’m sure we will be saying nothing but nice things about BaumlerSoft (after all there is no cash for comment problem in the world of podcasting ;))

    Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate the support.


  2. 2 marketingisadirtyword
    November 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm


    Jake, you mean you didn’t get those 360’s I sent you last time? Damn you, AusPost 🙂

    It’s funny – I was catching up on your podcasts and was listening to the one where you guys were discussing how we ditched Jerry Seinfeld, and then I skipped a whole bunch of episodes to the most recent one, where you were talking about how we ditched the Family Guy idea… I thought “This must be fate!!” 🙂

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