The Foundry’s banned anti-discrimination ad: a seminal moment in Australian ads

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the Foundry’s anti discrimination ad when I first read the post about it on mumbrella the other day, simply because I knew there’d be plenty of others commentating on it. However, I’m puzzled as to why there’s such a mixed reaction to the Foundry’s anti-discrimination pitch for the ABC’s show, the Gruen Transfer.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my support for the Foundry, for Adam Hunt (the creator of the pitch), and for the ad itself. When we’re living in a world where Underbelly can show as much T&A as they want (not that I have a problem with that), coupled with copious amounts of bloodshed, it’s hard to believe that an ad about discrimination can cause such concern. The ad was intelligent, and extremely powerful, holding a mirror up to the ugliness that is prejudice. So props go out to The Foundry and Adam Hunt on this one… top notch job on creating a dialogue on a very important topic.


1 Response to “The Foundry’s banned anti-discrimination ad: a seminal moment in Australian ads”

  1. 1 JChann
    May 27, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Agreed – it was odd that people got so hot under the collar about it. I think it was for 2 reasons – first, some people didn’t understand that the jokes weren’t being told ‘to be funny’… alot of people thought the ad was trying to be humourous. I think the other reason was that there would be alot of people who have told jokes like that who maybe felt a little uneasy about being made out to be discriminators.

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