What advertisers and marketers can learn from BMX Companies: content is still king

I’ve been riding ‘little kids bikes’ for around 12 years now (that’s BMX, for the uninitiated). One thing that always struck me about BMX culture is that new companies pop up and become major players in the industry seemingly overnight. Whilst product quality is important, having a good video and team of sponsored riders seems to be the breaking point – if you can release a video that has a whole bunch of riding on it the likes of which people have never seen before, you’ll be playing with the big boys in no time. People will gladly sit through 40 minutes of content that is essentially all about your company, your riders, your products, and they will pay for the privelige (most BMX DVD’s range from around $30-$50). This is the sort of thing advertisers/marketers would go gahgah over….. (although admittedly this sort of marketing opportunity is distinctly a Gen Y thing)


So think about this – what’s your business, and what sort of information (or more specifically, entertainment) do people who consume your products look for? If you’re, say,  Musashi or someone similar, maybe it’s health and nutrition information in video form that can be delivered to people while they work out, or tips from Musashi’s health experts on how to flatten your stomach / improve performance / bulk up etc.


While you think about that, I leave you with a video of Danny MacAskill – not exactly BMX, but then again, the mountain bike trials guys are stealing all our tricks nowadays anyway:) I’m including this video because it was a viral phenomenon – it peaked at 200 blog posts referring to it in one day, and is still number 5 in the viral video charts as of 29/04/09. Betcha plenty of new people are learning about “Inspired Bicycles” as a result of this vid.


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