(More) great uses of augmented reality for interactive marketing

I’ve discussed Augmented Reality and it’s use for marketing a while back, and have been keeping half an eye on new applications of it to marketing and product offerings since. Augmented reality still seems the most compelling way (to me anyway) for marketers and businesses to achieve interactivity between the real world that their customers live in and electronic worlds the company delivers. This is because (A) augmented reality leverages devices that most customers already have at their disposal (i.e. PC / mobile phone) and (B) it’s adoption to mobile devices means you can use AR to reach customers anywhere (which I see as a major shortcoming of 6th Sense type devices, which utilise projectors to create a computing surface, which essentially rules out any use in full lighting settings).

Anyway, Topps Trading cards, of all people, are pushing the envelope with marketing / product offerings that leverage AR. Their latest release of AR baseball cards not only give you projected 3d models of all your favourite players on your screen, but full sound effects and AR games aswell, making this a nice little product extension. Given that baseball card collectors are generally younger kids, the application of augmented reality in this case is a great choice by Topps. Now, I want to see if they can make it so you can position your Topps baseball cards on a table and have the players interact and play a realtime game of baseball, a la virtual version of Test Match 🙂


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