Recommended Marketing Podcasts – AI Digital & Gen Y Marketing podcasts

Of late, I’m reading blogs less and less and turning to podcasts for my marketing news. Walking to work while listening to podcasts  gets the blood and creative  juices pumping by the time you get into the office so you can hit that inbox running at 9am. Anyway, there’s 2 podcasts in particular whose back catalogs I’ve been hitting pretty hard, because both are really good in their own way: AI Digital Marketing Podcast and the Gen Y marketing podcast.

AI Digital – their opening music sounds like it was taken from the long lost second verse of the Baywatch theme song, but the AI Digital podcast is more badass than Hasselhoff (but be warned, the content is technical, and I do verge on the geeky side of things, so ‘badass’ does not necessarily mean ‘badass’). I read marketing blogs and listen to podcasts largely to learn new stuff, and AI Digital have new stuff in trumps. Past segments have ranged from boosting open rates & click through rates on emails to Google Analytics advice – I sometimes have to listen to episodes twice because the content is so rich. Or maybe that’s just because I’m a dullard. Anyway, this podcast’s ranked in the top 10 business podcasts on iTunes.

Gen Y Marketing Podcast – Dudes are hilarious. Completely different to AI Digital, the Gen Y marketing podcast team focuses on the Australian marketing landscape, looking at marketing related news, and analysing current local domestic campaigns. And quite often flaming said campaigns too. Mercilessly. And flaming each other – they’ve got that whole witty banter thing down pat. It all adds up to a pretty good listen. For the single peeps among you, this podcast might also get you lucky – I was once laughing at this podcast while I walking down St Kilda road and a (pretty cute) lady thought I was smiling at her and smiled coyly back (I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend though – better make that clear or I’ll be sleeping in the spare room tonight… although come to think of it this woman was probably smiling more cos I was walking along laughing to myself like a goon than anything else). I’d recommend the Gen Y Marketing podcast even over the Gruen Transfer for an entertaining look at Aussie marketing.

There’s a whole bunch of other marketing podcasts out there – these are just the couple I’ve been catching up on of late that stand out. Do you have another recommendation? Share it below in the comments.

(This is the second in a series of blog posts where I’ll try to highlight good marketing resources I find among this whole tangled mess called the interwebs. Check the ‘recommended’ tag for more)


3 Responses to “Recommended Marketing Podcasts – AI Digital & Gen Y Marketing podcasts”

  1. January 23, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Hey Nick,

    Wow thanks for the kind words, its always good to hear that someones listening… Would be great to line up an interview for the show sometime if your interested, We’ve been thinking we need to start doing some more interviews for the show.. Anyway, if your interested shoot me an email jake@nudgemarketing.com.au.



    P.S – I think I speak for Paul and Nat when I say the podcast DEFINITELY doesn’t get you lucky 😛

  2. 2 Daniel Rowles
    February 9, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    Hey Nick,

    ditto the above – particularly the PS bit! I’ve actually gained a Podcast stalker which is a lot less fun than it sounds! I’m glad you feel its content rich – we’ve always tried to keep it that way so I’m glad it comes across. I also agree on the theme music – makes me cringe every time but it has lead to you mentioning me in the same sentence as the Hoff – a true honour!

    We’re launching a new site soon for the podcast soon which has been sadly lacking so I’ll keep you posted… If you want to follow on Twitter @DanielRowles I’ll be releasing it there first.

    The Internet Marketing Podcast

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