Blip.tv looking to serve dynamic ads on stuff you’ve got on your hard drive

Edit: WordPress doesn’t seem to like the embed code BeetTV provided, so here’s a link to the BeetTV article in it’s original form – http://www.beet.tv/2008/10/bliptv-has-new.html

Serving dynamic advertising on streamed content is easy (in theory anyway) –  the content is effectively being refreshed each time someone views it, so to serve a new ad every time the content is viewed means as soon as a video is called from a server, an ad can be called from a server and served at the same time. Easy. This is why alot of content providers use streaming video rather than letting users download video files – it gives more control over how content is served and the ability to serve up-to-date, semi-contextual ads…

But think about the terabytes of movies, clips and TV shows most of us have stored on our hard drives and portable media players – that same degree of control offered by streaming media is missing. Blip.tv have apparently developed a workaround for this. I saw the above video of Mike Hudack (blip.tv CEO) over on Beet.TV this morning as I was going through my feeds… he claims blip.tv can serve dynamic ads on video content downloaded to viewers’ hard drives. Not streamed video, but video viewers have already downloaded. Thats pretty cool. More interestingly though, it allows viewers ‘click-through’ functionality – viewers are shown the pre-roll ad, see something they want to know more about, click the link and are directed to wherever advertisers point them to.

From mind, this has good potential – firstly, advertisers get more opportunities to achieve relevant impressions of their ads. They are also getting what every marketer needs the most – trackability – through the click through functionality. Further, serving ads like this allows the ads that are being served to be more targeted. This means the interruption / annoyance viewers experience is less than if they were shown less relevant or potentially expired ads (this is important since studies generally show that pre-roll ads bug the heck out of viewers). So it appears to be a win-win.

Of course, the debate over whether ads in a pre-roll, post-roll or interruptive form are effective at all, or if there’s a yet-undiscovered optimal way to run ads in a content-on-demand environment will continue to rage. But in the meantime, watch the vid above, and find out more about blip.tv from their blog – http://blog.blip.tv/blog/… and if you’ve got 5 minutes, please leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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