Phillip Island Here I Come: new accessories for my HDR-HC5 for MotoGP

Apparently there’s a credit crunch worldwide and consumer spending is meant to be hitting the skids. Well, f–k that! What better way to enjoy the credit crunch than to make the most of what little credit is left while it lasts and get some new camera gear? I just got some stuff ready for MotoGP at Philip Island on the weekend- stay tuned for the resulting videos. Accessories are for the Sony HDR-HC5 (no longer sold new).

6 hours of HD MiniDV tape and the HDR-HC5 with new ECM-HGZ1 Gun Zoom Mic

Hoya UV Filter 37mm

Inca 6.8V Spare Li-Ion Battery

Sure, the Inca Battery isn’t bona fide Sony, but I’ve had a couple of aftermarket batteries over the years and the battery life is awesome! Most excited about the Zoom Mic, since there’s heaps going on at MotoGP, it’ll be great for blocking out intereferance and getting better audio. Plugs straight into he AI interface with no problems and tested it around the office, but people started looking at me strange as I filmed them.


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