Best URL Shortener I’ve used yet – Part 2

In a previous post, I lamented the loss of tracking data that comes with using certain URL shorteners – these sites are providing a great service, but at the same time, are removing some of the control you have over your data. I suggested bit.ly as a partial solution to that problem, since it provides stats on how many people have clicked on the shortened URLs you create.

However, there’s another interesting addition to the seemingly ever-broadening URL shortener market – uTag. uTag is Australian. Sweet. It’s different from other URL shortener offerings in that it lets users raise revenue from using uTag shortened URLs, with payments being deposited into your PayPal account… any uTag links users click on open with a drop down advertising bar in the top of your browser, hence making your link-love ad revenue supported. This might sound irritating for users, but the bar can be closed down with a click of the user’s mouse button if it annoys them. Whilst it’s probably not the right way to go for your polished, corporate marketing blogs / twitter accounts, it’s another way to monetize what you do online and effectively represents opt in ad displays, which in itself is a new concept (i.e. you can turn embedded ads on or off)

Screencast of how uTag works stolen from the uTag blog FAQ post.


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